Left On Read

Welcome to Left on Read! Brought to you by Reader’s Guide to Chaos, a book club started by teenagers, we have candid conversations about books, personal stories and so much more. It’s going to be loads of fun so just hang in there and enjoy!

For our first episode, with it being children’s day, we discuss various topics including how we first got into reading and our childhood favorites. Listen to find out! 

From our travel memories to embarrassing moments, this fun episode contains it all. Keep listening to uncover a few of our secrets!

In this episode we discuss – you guessed it – how much we detest January. Just kidding! We do a lot more than that. From the most boring book, we couldn’t complete to where we get our ramen from (wink wink), click play to find out more!
In this month’s Valentine Special (swoon!), we demystify all the cliched romantic tropes and reveal our favorite ones. No need to guess them, just click play! Be it a makeover to a friend or to a lover’s story, rom-coms are always filled with predictable yet feel-good content and we pour our hearts out discussing them (literally). Also, get a sneak peek into our lives this month (wink wink) and listen to our discussions about … books, duh.
This month’s theme is K-dramas! In this episode, the discussion revolves around everything from the characters we have felt most sympathetic for to how we first got into watching them. Find out the maximum number of K-dramas we ever watched (a stunning 86!! – we challenge you to break this record) and our favorites, alongside a discussion of the themes they represented. Click play and keep listening.
You guessed it… this time we discuss the popular ‘that girl’ aesthetic. We discuss the toxic aspects and their ramifications on society. Don’t worry we also talk about what aspects of it we like and practice in our lives. Click play to be surprised when you discover one thing you didn’t know about each of us.