Book of the Month

We have monthly votes to decide the book of the month. We seek to broaden our horizons by reading different genres from various socio-cultural backgrounds. This is our monthly rendezvous to discuss the same.

November 2021

Here’s how our discussion went on Ram Scion of Ikshvaku, on 27 November. We would love to know your thoughts on some of the questions we discussed. ^_^

December 2021

Here’s our discussion on Crying in H Mary by Michelle Zauner. A memoir was written by a Korean American singer, who navigates use through her life. From relating with food to understanding grief from a new perspective. What were your thoughts? ⁣

January 2021

In this dysfunctional meeting, we trashed talked and then appreciated the BBC series, Sherlock. There was a subtle analysis about Benedict Cumberbatch’s handsomeness and whether or not the writers were on crack while deciding the plot. We discussed the title character’s neurotic babbling and ranked the characters too. All in all our meeting is sure to generate laughter and maybe lawsuits from the producers of the show. Stay tuned!