How it all started…

Reminiscing about old times, our minds sway back to 9th grade when we (Hiya and Vama) first started the book club. It wasn’t exactly a ‘club,’ with just the two of us being a part of it. With a desire to improve our vocabulary and read more often, we began to read books on the bus and let our curiosity pave the path ahead. This is how we embarked on a book-filled journey, which has now resulted in the official establishment and expansion of Reader’s Guide To Chaos.

Meet The Team


Hiya Vora

I am the co-founder and keeper of notes, folders, and lists. I don’t have an innate love for reading, but this club has helped me appreciate literature. I hope you gain something from this club too.


Vama Shah

I am the co-founder and a savvy upfront bibliophile (sort of). I have a vast collection of books that I someday hope to finish reading. In my free time, you can either find me watching sitcoms or trying to bake a batch of brownies.

Head of Design

Shreeya Patel

Hi, I’m Head of Designing and I’ve had a love for books, art and giving back to society since a young age. I will almost always have a scrunchie, lipgloss and AirPods handy, and I’m always here to give out hugs to those who need ‘em 🙂

Head of IT

Moksha Betai

I am the Head of IT, I manage everything from video editing to handling our youtube channel and even this website. I can’t wait to share my love of binging, talking about anything related to pop culture, and books ofc with y’all!

Head of Communications

Diya Lekhadia

I am Diya Lekhadia the communications in charge. Even though it is not my strong suit, I try to give my best. I come from a Gujarati family with all sorts of people you can ever think of which makes me tolerant to most but not my sister.